19-year-old DWP dancer dies, mother cites hospital negligence

Mrs. Nelly Mills, the mother of the deceased, who confirmed the news, faults the hospital for the demise of his son, whose condition, she said, could have been salvaged with oxygen.

Giving a vivid narration of what ensued on the day he passed, Mrs. Mills said her son complained of an asthma attack and was rushed to the hospital where some interesting events played out.

“He has been asthmatic for the past ten years,” said the mother. “On the day he died, I served him his food and was waiting to finish eating so I administer his medicines to him. He sat by the table and told me that he was starting to feel worse.

“He said the asthma attack was gradually becoming severe. I asked him to use his pump and he told me to rather take him to the hospital for a nebulizer. So, I refused. He then went to take his bath and things got worse. I then sought help and we carried him to a hospital.

“The first hospital told us they had closed so we took him to another one, Ewim Polyclinic. I told them my son needed oxygen and that he was in a critical condition but one of the nurses asked me to go and get a drug outside the hospital which costs just GHC7.00. I came back only to meet my boy vomiting.

“Within a twinkle of an eye, he stood and started acting strange. He looked aggressive and feisty. They then carried him and put him on the bed and I kept asking what they did to my son. Then they started resuscitating him a few times and finally confirmed that he was dead,” she stated in a viral video.

The mother said she suspects the hospital administered the wrong treatment to her son after she was sent to purchase the drug.

“I asked what injection was given my son when they sent me to go and buy the drugs but no one responded,” Nelly Mills said. “I don’t even know how my son even ended up in the mortuary. They only told me what they usually do is to compile all the cases of death and discuss it at the end of the month.”

“So, they didn’t tell me what killed my son. I went through this barbaric experience at the hospital, tomorrow it could be somebody else’s turn. I am urging the Ghana Health Service to look into this,” she fumed.

The late Nana Owusu Obeng, aside from being a professional dancer was also a level 200 law student at the University of Ghana.

Meanwhile, the DWP Academy has yet to issue a public statement on the development.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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