Amakyetherapper’s journey: From DJ to music sensation

In a recent interview on Hitz FM, Amakyetherapper opened up about his early days as a DJ and how it laid the foundation for his career as a rapper.

He emphasized the importance of those formative experiences in shaping his musical journey.

“I started off as a DJ from campus days, I was playing at drink-ups, parties, etc. I was very active with that and called DJ GJ before Amakyetherapper,” he said.

His passion for music and his skill behind the turntables quickly earned him a reputation as a campus DJ, and he was known as DJ GJ before adopting the moniker Amakyetherapper.

Amakyetherapper is on a media tour, promoting his latest single, ‘Cover Me.’

Stream ‘Cover Me’ here.


Source: Empress Neeta, Contributo

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