Delay angrily replied to a fan she will rather stay single than to marry a monster

Media figure and business mogul Deloris Frimpong Manso, better known by his stage name Delay, is back in the news, this time for calling out a virtual entertainment presentation that went too far.

For a very long time, since she hasn’t been able to settle down as a married woman and find her own guy, many people have made fun of her delay.

Some use the situation as an opportunity to make fun of her, but others sympathize with her because they believe that not everyone is meant to be married.

Recent posts by Delay on her Facebook included new images of herself. Unsurprisingly, one of her fans commented on one of her posts, prompting Delay to respond angrily, saying that it was now taken care of.

The fan claims that Deferral is approximately sixty years old and single, therefore he ought to counsel her to quicken her speed and wed summarizing it by learning more about the object of her desire.

“Y3 na ware,” or roughly 60 years old, he said, referring to how long you are keeping. For whom are you holding out hope?

She mentioned in Defer’s response that she would rather stay single than wed a pig like him.


See the screen capture underneath:


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