Did Maame Ode jab Afia Schwarzenegger at Chairman Wontumi’s mother’s funeral?

The popular professional mourner cum dirge composer, who is known for her controversial songs has churned out another one which is directed to an unknown recipient.

Asides from the live band, Maame Ode and her group played a pivotal role in consoling and entertaining fans at the funeral.

They performed their custom-made dirges and then later switched to songs eulogizing the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Unexpectedly, Maame Ode performed a particular song that had lyrics directed at a certain woman who had caused the politician, affectionately called Chairman Wontumi a lot of trouble.

“Young woman, you lie! Young woman, I said you’re lying! I swear to God you are lying. Woman, you are scared. Aputoor! What do you have? You have nothing! You’re a disrespectful woman. Always spewing nonsense about him. You won’t look for something meaningful to do. What is your problem? Think about your life and stop being a leech. He has moved on to better things, if you don’t understand, go and die,” she sang in the Twi language.

After chancing on excerpts of Maame Ode’s performance which has gone viral on social media, some individuals have claimed that its lyrics were directed at Afia Schwarzenegger.

Their comments are on the back of the recent brawl between Chairman Wontumi and Afia Schwarzenegger which resulted in the former dragging the latter to court.

What Maame Ode said about her controversial songs

Earlier in an interview with Delay, Maame Ode, established that asides from crying more than the bereaved, the services she renders include upsetting a rival.

Stating an instance, she said If a man had more than a wife and died, she (Maame Ode) would not mind spitting one of the wives during the funeral when contracted to do so with her songs.

She tagged that as a normal practice because both rivals can hire two different singers in their quest to spite each other.

While sounding braggadocious, Maame Ode said she has the prowess to defeat whoever the other rival would contract because she is on top of her game. That has, however, landed her in trouble before; she was assaulted.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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