Fake medical doctor on tiktok busted in South Africa

South African Health Authorities are currently hunting for a TikToker who they believe is impersonating as a doctor. A man who goes by the name Mathew Lani is pretending to be a doctor in South Africa. He was spotted on a social media communication App TikTok giving medical advice to tiktokers.

Lani, a fake doctor, forced himself into South Africa’s health system as an employee of Helen Joseph Hospital under the Gauteng province health department.

After thorough investigations, The Department of Health in the Gauteng province has taken a legal action against him for faking into their system without being a member of the Health Professions in South Africa. It appears clear that Mr. Mathew Lani is not a registered doctor in South Africa. They stated in their statement that Mr. Lani is a criminal.

He had ”Assumed various pseudo-medical falsely presenting himself as an employee of the department” the statement was acclaimed.

The identity Mr Lani presented as his real ID shows a second year intern in the local medical hospital, the health department revealed. Sanele Zingelwa is the actual name Mr. Lani claimed as his identity.

The owner of the identity he claimed has taken legal action. Sanele has an open identity fraud case against Mr lani.

Mathew Lani fakes his educational background of being a graduate student of  the University of Witwatersrand medical school and being the youngest medical doctor to own a pharmaceutical company in South Africa.

The University of Witwatersrand has issued a statement that they have searched through their system and never found any Mathew Bongani Zingelwa or Sanele Zingelwa in recent years.

The university has cautioned him with the immediate effect of retracting his claims.

The Gauteng province authorities have assured the public that the issue has been highlighted and the need to access the health facilities and employee identification is under process.

Fake Dr. Mathew Lani’s Tiktok account has been terminated and deleted.


Source: Showbizafrica.net 

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