From lottery to footballing: 39/40’s struggles and rise to fame

He lived under the same roof as his uncle, who had a bed while he slept on a mattress on the floor. However, 39/40 was determined to create a better life for himself, engaging in various activities, some driven by passion, and others for income generation.

In an interview on The Delay Show on October 21, 2023, 39/40 shared his experiences. He mentioned that he worked with lottery tickets, checking the dates on them, and was paid 20 Ghanaian cedis per day. This was just one of the many roles he took on during his journey. He also pursued music, worked as a shop attendant, played football, and dabbled in various activities.

“I was a famous footballer; I played for Invincible FC in Kumasi. They were in the Division Two league. I was a defender but later became a striker,” he said.

A significant turning point in his life was his encounter with Dr. Likee, also known as Ras Nene, who hails from the same area. Likee recognized 39/40 from their childhood and, during a chance meeting on the set of sound engineer 925, offered him opportunities in the film industry.

“We both come from Tafo. He knew me from when I was a child,” 39/40 recalled. “They were shooting, and I had gone to meet sound engineer 925, but he wasn’t there. Likee and Don Little were on set. Likee inquired about my name, and when I introduced myself, he was astonished by how much I had grown and changed.”

Following their meeting, Likee asked about 39/40’s aspirations, and the young actor expressed his keen interest in the film industry. Likee gave him his contact information and encouraged him to get in touch. The very next day, at 5 a.m., 39/40 was knocking on Likee’s door, eager to pursue his dreams.

While Likee was initially surprised at the early wake-up call, he realized 39/40’s commitment to his goals. They worked on a skit together that day, and 39/40 played significant roles in Likee’s skits, which gave him much-needed exposure.

Today, 39/40 who is 23 years old, enjoys a relatively better life, having shot numerous skits and even traveled abroad for shows. He relishes the fame that comes with being a showbiz personality.

As for his unique stage name, “39/40,” he said it originated from a movie role he played where his character had a limp, resulting in one leg being longer than the other.

His parents, according to him, got divorced when he was about a year old. Regardless, they have been helpful to him although they both have spouses and children.

Watch the interview below:



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