Ghanaian fashion brand, Odefille, launches to offer stylish fashion for C-Suite women

The new brand launched under the umbrella of the H&M Fashion Show (Heels and Muscles), a platform for beginning and advanced designers and takes care of most things like catwalks, models, and photographers, among others.

CEO and Founder for Odefille, Nadia Asantewaa Nkandobi, speaking on the inspiration and vision behind the brand said: “The C-suite woman needs to be dressed such that she can be present in the boardroom next to her CEO, or be CEO, or at cocktail receptions or restaurants, or pick or drop guests to and from airports or hotels. She needs to be stylish and attractive without giving the wrong impression.”

Acknowledging the challenges many women in executive positions encounter when selecting appropriate attire for various occasions throughout their day, Ms. Nkandobi established Odefille to cater to this gap.

Ms. Nkandobi, who has an extensive background in fashion, including modeling and working in the industry internationally, noticed the lack of exciting options in traditional C-suite wear. Drawing from her experience and expertise, she decided to create a modern clothing and accessories line specifically tailored to the needs of C-suite women.

“I noticed that many of my contacts who are working in the C-suite environment are struggling to find the right thing to wear, suitable for all occasions throughout their day, sometimes with unexpected things happening like an unannounced dinner or traveling.

I have been involved in fashion since I was 6, my mum then had her own Batik line under the name ‘Faustina’s Fashion’ and I’ve worked in the Woodin and M.A.C. stores. I have also worked and traveled internationally with top executives, and through all that I have developed a good eye for what goes and what does not in that environment.

I have also modeled for more than 10 years. I graduated from Exopa Modelling Agency and I regularly modeled for Bob Pixel, I am still modeling for designers who are launching new collections, both in the studio and on the catwalk.

I was featured in Paris Match Magazine. Therefore, I am not a novice. At the same time, I noticed that the present traditional C- C-suite wear is rather boring and needs a lift. Personally, I would feel neglected if I was to wear that sort of thing, I can look better than that,” she said.

Source: Odefille

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