GMAUK: Ayisha Modi JABS Akwasi Aboagye live for tarnishing Shatta’s £80,000 claim

Ghanaian socialite, Ayisha Modi lambasted peace FM entertainment host Akwasi Aboagye for downgrading Shatta Wale, and the organizer of the Ghana Music Awards UK (GMAUK).

Charles Nii Armah known as Shatta Wale came out with an amount he received from the promoters of GMAUK as a performance fee. After his post on X (formerly twitter) that he received 80,000 pounds from the organizers, a radio presenter from one of Ghana’s prominent radio stations, Peace FM rubbishes his claim.

Akwasi Aboagye insisted that the organizers cannot pay him the said amount.

Shatta Wale said he was paid 80,000 pounds as a performance fee and the ultimate ‘Artiste of the Year’ award. He was never paid 80,000 pounds for his performance. It is a huge lie! Do the organizers even have that 80,000 pounds to give Shatta Wale? He is lying.

“It is never true. 80,000 pounds. You were given a heroic welcome at the airport, given a royalty treat. You, your girlfriend, and your entire team were given visas. You guys flew first class. I am not sure you were even given 10,000 pounds.

“The organizers cannot speak on it but listeners, I want you to know that it is not true. They cannot give him that kind of money. Which Ghanaian living in the UK, Which promoter can give that amount?” He said it is the biggest lie.

Angry Ayisha Modi kicked against the presenter Akwasi Aboagye for stamping on the organizers.

”Alordi is not your classmate, you should mind your speech” Ayisha pokes Akwasi Aboagye.

She revealed a payment Alordia paid to a musician to perform at GMAUK’s event some years ago.

According to Ayisha Modi, ”Alordia Entertainment paid 40,000 pound to ”Amugi” who is Alordia’s brother and also flew the artist, wife and children including his band to London for the performance. He also bought a first class for all the participant including the wife and children”

She later slammed Shatta Wale for including Kwame Despite in his insults. ” Shatta Wale did not do well for insulting Despite, for that one Shatta is wrong”. ”Lets call a spade a spade, We have to appreciate Ghanaian organizers abroad for they are doing well in the industry” Ayisha pleaded.

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