Go to Ghana first – Steve Harvey advises Westerners who want to visit Africa

American comedian, actor, and TV host Steve Harvey encouraged black Americans to travel to Africa to gain a better understanding of African culture and the significant contributions made by Africans to the world.

Harvey in a recent post shared by Nigerian YouTuber Walethewave1 advised people to put aside any preconceived notions and experience Ghana first, followed by Botswana, which he describes as the world’s second-largest diamond producer with a lot to offer.

“Leave everything you’ve ever heard. After you go to Africa, you got to go to Ghana first, and then you need to go to Botswana because you need to see what we… (Pause.)”

He also highlighted Johannesburg as another essential destination to understand the true nature of African people.

Harvey specifically cited Burna Boy, a popular Nigerian musician who has been accused of copying American music styles, and claimed that it is the opposite.

“Them Africans is us mhen; they are the beat; they are the rhythm; they are the song. They are the hard work; we get our courage from them. When you see them, people, they look just like your family,” he added.

Harvey believes that seeing Africans in person will help people understand that they are just like everyone else, with the same rhythm, song, and hard work that everyone relies on.


Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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