GRA engages with Ghana Bloggers Association over income Tax

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has announced their intention of taxing Ghanaian professionals who are into digital space media.

The president of the Ghana Bloggers Association, Mr Andre Mustapha Nii Okai Inusah known in the media space as ‘Attractive Mustapha’ has confirmed that GRA has engaged the Association over the Tax proceedings. Attractive encouraged the member to accept any results that will be implemented by the Authority.

Having a phone chat with the leader (Attractive Mustapha), he confirmed to that GRA had interaction with the association executives and they are making sure everything would be in a good position for every single blogger in the country.

He also indicated that Tax is a good policy to activate for every citizen who is earning income in order to develop a nation. ‘If you are a citizen in a country you have to embrace Tax because, without Tax, the government will not be able to create jobs and other developmental projects’; says Ghana Bloggers Association President.

In the chat, Attractive Mustapha urged that demonstration is not needed for now after a Ghanaian journalist based in South Africa pushed him with the idea of having a demonstration against the policy. Mustapha later cautioned the government to take good impact on the tax collecting from the professionals and not be interested in collecting the money alone.

Mr Inusah called on the government to help them (Bloggers) to retrieve their monies from Surfline- who has taken monies of some members and have failed to refund their monies.


Source: Showbizafricanet

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