He contacted a major man-Andy Dosty disclose how Shatta Wale at last requested compromise

Despite Shatta Shatta’s offer of a compromise after their most recent argument, Andy Dosty has stated that he is unable to leave well enough alone.

In an interview on his “Sunrise Hitz” program, Andy expressed his displeasure to Shatta for publicly criticizing his mother, saying that his followers had anticipated him to promote his brand-new “Maali” album.

It’s interesting to note that the well-prepared DJ assures him that the “Ayoo” hitmaker has recently apologized to him over a channel.

Andy Dosty claimed that Shatta established contact with a “major man” to reflect for his benefit and they accounted for more than 50 minutes in a recent TV show with Sally Mane and DJ Thin.

Well, he called a big man, and that person called me, without a doubt, since we spoke. He redirected the apology through someone else, and we spent more than fifty minutes together. He also shared some of the things I did that he could have done without. The Hitz FM moderator stated, “In fact, even my mother called and said we shouldn’t let this go to the end because we are siblings.”

The media figure, who has about thirty years of experience with the company, expressed dissatisfaction with Grain’s approach and stated that he would not let the matter “go unnoticed” in a hurry.

He has spoken to me. Shatta Wale Not only has he apologized, though. That’s not how I’ll give up very much,” he continued.

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