How Fela Kuti married 27 women, divorced them all after honeymoon in Ghana

In 1987, ten years after the tragic military attack on Fela’s commune, the Kalakuta Republic, a lot of people were rendered homeless, including Fela’s band members.

In a move which many described as a form of support and a way to hold his band together, Fela proposed marriage to 27 women who were part of his band and were suffering the aftermath of the attack at the time.

He gave a piece of paper to the women and asked those interested in the marriage to put down their names. All the 27 women agreed to marry him.

Fela later married them on the 20th of February, 1978, at the Parisona Hotel in Anthony, Lagos, though some parents of the ladies did not agree to the marriage.

He later brought them to a honeymoon in Ghana and divorced them all.

According to him, marriage brings jealousy.

He however did not forced them to leave his house after the divorce; a lot of the women stayed with him till his death in 1997.



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