How ZionFelix secured UK’s working visa for his younger sister with 20,000 pounds

Ghanaian celebrity blogger Felix Adomako Mensah known as ZionFelix surprised his sister with a United Kingdom’s working visa. The sensational Ghanaian blogger posted a video having a conversation with his younger sister Mabel at London in the UK.

Mabel who was Zionfelix’s personal assistant taking care of every project the blogger was doing during her stay in Ghana was seen in the video posted by the blogger confirming she is currently in the UK working.

During their conversation Mabel shared her experience living Abroad.

According to her, living in the UK is not an easy thing compared to Ghana. She emphasized how people in Africa imagined that the UK is one of the best places to live that seems like there is a tree to reap cash. ” Is not easy at all,” Mabel added.

She also shared how her brother helped her with a huge amount of pounds to get her there without hustling with papers. She confirmed that she is not depending on any person when it comes to papers. Mabel is secured with everything she needs to live legally in the UK.

Even though Mabel is having all her papers on point, she is still complaining about living in the UK.

Zion asked ”Why are you still complaining because all your things are on point”.

Mabel answered YES but rent is monthly and bus ticket etc.

However ZionFelix appreciated the man who helped him to secure the genuine deal for his sister without any mistakes. ZionFelix revealed that the man took full payment before starting the Visa process and he actually stated that the amount he paid was huge but he couldn’t mention the exact amount he paid for the visa. has done research on how much a person can pay to a consultant in Ghana to get a working visa in the UK before he/she gets to the country. Per the results we gathered, the amount involved before a person can secure such documents, an amount of 15,000 to 23000 pounds can be paid by the blogger before he can get the successful work done for his sister.

”I paid everything in full before the man started the process even though I was scared but I trusted him and he delivered with good results” ZionFelix stated.

Meanwhile ZionFelix and his sister advised you that they can travel to look for greener pastures but not any country.

”If you want to travel don’t go to any country, Europe, Asia and America are the best places to look for greener pastures” Zion added.

He also advised Ghanaians to be careful of the person who claims to be a visa consultant due to the current visa fraudsters in Ghana.

Mabel made it clear to the air that she is not married.

Watch the conversation ZionFelix posted on his YouTube Channel below:



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