Mavluz talks about the lack of focus on other sounds in Ghana

Versatile singer and artist Mavluz is speaking out about the lack of focus and attention to other music genres in the Ghanaian music industry.

According to the singer, Ghana is straying away from a diverse musical landscape. He believes that the system is gradually sidelining other music styles and pushing everyone towards a single genre of music.

He expressed, “We have so many unique artists in Ghana, each with a distinct style. To tap into different music markets in Africa and around the world, we need to allow each artist to be themselves.”

Mavluz also added that it seems like everyone is insisting, “If you don’t do Afrobeats, your music won’t get the attention it deserves.”

“Yes, Afrobeats is great, but we should recognize that every artist has a unique taste and sound. Therefore, we should embrace all genres, including dancehall, hi-life, hip-life, and drill. By doing so, Ghanaian music will satisfy a wider audience than just one market.”

When asked if this is the reason he titled his new single “Power Cut,” Mavluz smiled and replied:

“‘Power Cut’ symbolizes the need to share the spotlight equally and not confine our artists to a single circle. I’m not literally saying ‘power cut’ as in stopping anyone, but I’m drawing attention to the other music genres,” he explained.

“Power Cut” is Mavluz’s new single, and it is a strictly dancehall track.

“I know that my die-hard fans may want something reminiscent of my older records, but they shouldn’t worry. I have more singles coming for them. However, ‘Power Cut’ is for the dancehall enthusiasts,” Mavluz mentioned.

Listen to the song here.


Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu, Contributor

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