McBrown and Maxwell’s marriage on the brink of collapse?

Earlier when the news of a popular socialite who was ditched after dating a man for ten years went viral, one of the reasons stated was that she was secretly dating Maxwell.

Ridwan, who became famous for marrying another woman after dating Serwaa for ten years, claimed that her repeated cheating escapades with McBrown’s husband led him to end their relationship.

After the news went rife, netizens noticed that Maxwell and Serwaa still followed and liked each other’s posts online, a situation that has raised numerous concerns.

Some notable blogs have asserted that Maxwell and Serwaa’s relationship has progressed to a more serious level, and the two are now living together.

According to reports, McBrown and her husband have been separated for a while now, and ‘the other woman’ has taken over her marriage.

Further reports stated that all efforts by family elders to dissolve Maxwell and Serwaa’s affair have proven futile as the two aren’t ready to give it up.

In the midst of the rumours, a TikToker shared a post reacting to how the late Kikibees CEO’s wife wept profusely during her husband’s one-week observation.

The TikToker asserted that the widow wept out of pain, betrayal and the mockery her husband who was said to have died in his side chick’s house, had subjected her to.

“She is crying out of pain, betrayal, disappointment, disrespect and mockery. What did he want again,” the post read.

Shortly after, McBrown shared the exact post on her Instagram story, and many have alleged that she finds it relatable.

That’s not all, she shared a post on her Instagram page with the caption, “It is well.”

Netizens have since flooded McBrown’s comment section, urging her to stay strong and offering words of comfort.

Meanwhile, Serwaa, Maxwell’s alleged side chick has disabled the comment section of her recent post.


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