Mr Ibu shares with near death experience, He saw dead people yet God brought me back

Mr. Ibu as of late talked with Vanguard about the serious disease that had him retreat from public life for something like three years. He demanded that the odd sickness that landed him in the emergency clinic was the consequence of the people who can’t stand him.

You might review that Ibu recently attested that his homegrown specialists harmed him in light of his effective work. The carefully prepared Nollywood parody entertainer expressed that subsequent to “crossing to the opposite side,” God had brought him back.

Okafor stated that God allowed him another opportunity despite the fact that his adversaries praised his sickness and figured he wouldn’t live. He went on by adding that he had taken in a “major illustration” from his sickness.

Mr Ibu said; “My ailment was really executed by individuals that can’t stand me. They did how they treated me. Afterward, I was taken to the medical clinic.

The specialists are prophets. Thus, they went into my framework and they let me know wrong and what they will do. I got out ‘Anything that you will do, kindly, do it, let me live since, in such a case that I bite the dust like this the foes will giggle’. And afterward the specialists said ‘Alright, everything looks great’.

In the mean time, Mr Ibu prior uncovered that he longer eats food arranged by his significant other, Stella Maris.

“At that point, I didn’t have any idea what occurred. I left! Thus, anything that I was saying they recorded it. I was expressing something like someone who is going frantic. I wasn’t really seeing anyone. However, on the opposite side where I was around then, I was seeing a few dead individuals.. God brought me back.”

Because of a question on how having been harmed in the past impacted his associations with people as well as considering the new issue with his better half, he made the disclosure. After she contended with him and his took on girl, Jasmine Chioma, over claims that they were engaging in extramarital relations, Mr Ibu guaranteed he quit eating her food.

The Nollywood veteran who has been hitched before said assuming he and Stella Maris wind up getting separated from he won’t take another spouse.

He guaranteed that while he appreciates eating a ton, he currently just eats food arranged by his girl since he has lost trust in her.

In a way that would sound natural to him; “I have landed properties, and around 10 vehicles. I see the ladies my significant other is moving with as being avaricious. They have eyes on my properties. They feel like assuming anything happens to me, my significant other would be the one to get everything…

“Since the new occurrence, my significant other has been so adoring. In any case, I realize it is each of the a misrepresentation just to stand out enough to be noticed. I actually show her adoration, giving money to homegrown necessities and it is fine to ensure the family. However, I’m extremely incredulous. I can’t eat her food any longer. For the time being, I just eat from Jasmine’s kitchen. She cooks a great deal, and I like eating.”word of me ibu. Kwesi Arthur/2023

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