Odarky Andy fights rapper Cabum

A statement Cabum made sometime ago about Odarky Andy of Mentor fame, has triggered a more intensified response from the latter.

Andy has not only hit back at the rapper but has also given reasons for being resolute in his decision to never forgive him.

Sharing a vivid account of what transpired between them, Andy said he met Cabum at the studio of popular sound engineer Apya and they both exchanged pleasantries.

According to Andy, Cabum first acknowledged his presence and even asked for a feature among other things.

Narrating further, Andy said shortly after he settled into the studio, the landlord of the property in which the studio was, asked him to park his car properly in order not to block others from entering the house.

Andy said the moment he stepped out of the room and stood by the door trying to fix his shoes, he overheard some disparaging comments Cabum made about him.

He said Cabum asked why Apya would allow a nonentity like him into his studio.

“One day I went to ‘Appiah on the beat’s studio and when I entered, I saw Cabum sitting in there,” Andy recalled. “He was very conversational and even asked that we jump on a song together. So, while we were in, the landlord came and asked me to move my car because it had blocked other cars from entering the studio. So, I went out and stood by the door, trying to lace my boots and I heard Cabum making some ill statements about me to the sound engineer. He asked Apya why he allowed a riffraff like me into his studio. He said I was unworthy to be in the studio but when he saw me, he laughed with me and even engaged in a conversation with me.

“When I heard it, I was very furious but I managed to control my temper. I went and moved my car and came back into the studio but didn’t utter a word. Later, I met Apya and I asked how he responded to Cabum’s statements about me,” he expressed during an interview with Angel FM.

Andy was unable to hide his rage while narrating further. He continued: “A fool like Cabum disrespected me. I used to record my songs in Cabum’s father’s studio in Bantama. those times, Cabum was a small boy, my errand boy. I used to send him to buy me Chrome CDs but now he thinks he has some little fame, and I don’t even know any of his hit songs.”

When asked to retract the insults, Andy vehemently refused; rather, he vowed that Cabum would forever remain in his bad books.

“I won’t ever forgive him for that. Never,” he fumed.

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