Osebo the Zaraman and Savile Row CEO fight over ‘King of luxury brands’ title

The Zara 247 boutique owner and Saville Row store CEO are claiming supremacy over which store contains more quality designer clothing in the country.

Nana Sarfo, who started the feud, took to social media and established that the high-end brands in his shop are the most expensive in the country, a statement that translates to being the only authentic designer shop in the country.

He made these comments while advertising for a Versace handbag, which costs about $5,050.

“Stop buying fake bags, Savile Row is the only place to get original fashion goods. I am the only one who sells authentic goods in Ghana. This bag even costs $5,050,” he stated on TikTok.

Shortly after, Osebo the Zaraman shared his response on Instagram.

“Every good businessman has a strategy. The fact that my prices are low doesn’t mean it’s not quality. Buying these things is seasonal.”

Right after, the Saville row CEO also took to social media to throw subtle jabs at Osebo.

“Ask your champion who is your champion. I am the only shop that sells quality goods in Ghana?” he wrote as a caption to a post in which he was advertising some shoes.

The back and forth continued as Osebo, in response, questioned why Nana Sarfo was bent on destroying his business.

“If I don’t have anything against you and my downfall is your priority, then I leave you, God. You can’t touch who God has blessed. Are you trying to say you’re the only one who sells quality goods in the whole of Accra? Why are you condemning other people’s businesses? It takes a coward to behave in that manner,” he added.

Osebo the Zaraman who recently lost his Instagram page with over a hundred thousand followers said he strongly suspects that Nana Sarfo is behind the act.

“Combination is a calculation is the new Instagram account for Osebo the Zaraman. First, my Facebook account was hacked and later my Instagram was hacked. Now here is the question.

“What will you gain from doing this? My customers will never stop buying from me and come to you. They know what I sell. Why are you in competition with me? I feed and support the poor with the money I make from this business. If you want me to lose that, then I leave you to God,” he fumed.

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Source: www.ghanaweb.com

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