People troll me because of economic pressures – Kuami Eugene

He acknowledges that people occasionally target him with harsh remarks, but he has chosen to overlook such comments.

Speaking on Hitz FM on October 19, he noted there is a “Kuami Eugene factor” at play, where some people criticize him without any clear reason.

He believes that if one were to scrutinize his actions and assess what he has done to deserve such criticisms, they wouldn’t find anything wrong he did. Many of those who criticize him have never even met him in person, he added.

“You can decide to sit down and analyze what Kuami Eugene has done to the people that they will say some of the things they say about him. And you won’t find anything. Most of them haven’t even seen me before,” he stated.

He also considers the economic hardships faced by the citizens as a contributing factor to the trolling he receives. Noting that people may see him living a life of luxury with money and a fleet of cars, but they are not aware of the challenges he faces.

“Sometimes the pressure in the country is a factor, when you feel this young boy from Fadama is suddenly with a lot of money, pushing a fleet of cars. From behind you may think I’m enjoying life, but I have my own issues. It’s not my fault that God has chosen to shine his light on me at a very young age,” he explained.

Kuami Eugene suggests that for some, directing negativity towards him may be a way of relieving their stress. He notes that many people experience such trolling, but his youthful appearance might make him an easier target.

He noted that there might be an expectation for him to be super humble due to his age, but he clarifies that humility is not his sole personality trait. While these comments used to affect him, he has now developed a thicker skin and is no longer bothered by them.

He said, “Maybe for some people, their way of releasing stress is to attack me, and it’s not just me, a lot of people receive it. It’s just that I look young, and they see me as a child. They expect me to be super humble, but that’s not me. It used to get to me but not anymore.”



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