Perez Music out with soul-inspiring ” Breakthrough” Album

Ghanaian gospel musical vocalist and songwriter Perez Music has released an album. The album, ”Breakthrough” has 13 tracks of gospel songs both worship and praise.

The album also features most of his known songs. ”soul-stirring “Blema Tesaa” and the uplifting “Hewale Lala” are included in the album.

What makes “Breakthrough” truly unique is the collaborations that breathe life into each note. In a remarkable fusion of talent, M.O.G Music joins forces with the artist in the track “The Light,” illuminating the listener’s path with the divine.

Another standout moment is the heartwarming “Aseda (Thanksgiving),” featuring the enchanting vocals of Efe Grace, where gratitude flows freely like a river.

“Breakthrough” is a spiritual journey. Songs like “Noko Noko B3 (Nothing Impossible),” “Worship Anyway,” and “That’s Who You Are” are not just melodies but testimonies of faith, resilience, and unwavering devotion.


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