Poisoning: an Italian media reveals the sudden death of Mrs. Cooper

Influencer Madame Cooper will never again make videos to make her subscribers or Internet users laugh around the world. Stéphanie Masso, her real name breathed her last last weekend at the general hospital in Douala “following a short illness” according to her manager who released a press release for information. The news is extremely shocking.

Many people initially claimed that Ms. Cooper died of brain cancer which left her in the hospital for a few days.

False retort other citizens who know that medically, brain cancer does not kill fast enough like that. The only lead that is gaining much more momentum now is that Stephanie was poisoned during a meeting with acquaintances.

This is the cause of death that whistleblower Nzui Manto also mentioned in one of his publications after learning the very painful news. An international media called Agenzia Italia intervened on the subject. He quotes Manto in his article that we invite you to discover: “Mystery about the death of the Cameroonian influencer Madame Cooper. For the moment, there are no official confirmations on the causes of the death of the influencer who had 700,000 subscribers and 6.6 million “likes” on TikTok.

The African social media world is mourning the sad news of the passing of Cameroonian influencer Madame Cooper. According to the latest information, she lost her life on Saturday at the general hospital in Douala, Cameroon,

There is currently no official confirmation of the cause of his death. According to various sources, the young woman, originally from Bandjoun (West Cameroon), died of a brain tumor. However, less than 48 hours after the death of this charismatic woman, some speak of poisoning.

“Last Sunday, she was attending a meeting during which she consumed some food. Later that same evening, the young woman developed abdominal pain which lasted for several days until that fateful evening when the news of her death was delivered,” said whistleblower Nzui Manto.

“Certainly the center of the show is sometimes the temple of darkness but I will never repeat it enough: the misery and extreme precariousness inflicted on this annihilated people have made them a formidable predator of anyone with a semblance of success”, a- he continued.

Mrs. Cooper was known for her advice on the sex life of couples. She was very popular with African Internet users in general, thanks to her humor and her bold advice. He had a knack for making his fans smile with his jokes on the web. The death of Madame Cooper came as a shock to many internet users, who expressed their grief on social media. The influencer leaves behind a husband (residing in Switzerland) and a son”.

In response, whistleblower Nzui Manto wrote as if to joke showing everyone that he was quoted by an international media: “Hello dear subscribers how are you? The Italian media says what did I do to Mrs. Cooper? You know that my level is pidgin and Camfranglais nor? I do not understand the language of Julius Caesar Divus”.


Source: www.camerounweb.com

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