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Amidst the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry, we tend to forget that our celebrities are humans with human desires and urges. Some of these urges include sex.

Many celebrities have come out to openly disclose their love of sex. Some have claimed that they can never go without sex for a day, while others say it’s an alternative to other lifestyle choices.

Whatever their reasons, let’s explore 8 celebrities who love sex so much that it’s scary.

1. Tracy Boakye

Actress and socialite Tracy Boakye is one celebrity who isn’t shy about expressing her love for coitus. In a 2017 interview with blogger Zionfelix, she stated that she could have sex every day with her then-fiance, now husband.

“why not? I’ll take it every day because if I need anything from him, he does it and that is also my only way of thanking him,” she disclosed.

2. Okyeame Kwame

Wife of musician Okyeame Kwame, Annica Nsiah Apau, trended on social media after her 2016 interview on the Delay show, where she stated that she and her husband have sex on a regular basis except when she is sick, menstruating, or traveling.

“That’s one of our secrets, and I don’t know why he went public with it, but yes, when he has not travelled, or if I’m not sick or menstruating, we have sex each and every day. Even before I came on this interview, we had sex,” she disclosed.

3. Shugatiti

Actress cum socialite Shugatiti had her time on the trends after her back and forth with American adult film star King Nazir early in 2023.

This tussle began after she made some comments regarding her sex life in an interview with blogger Zionfelix.

According to the actress, she enjoys long periods of sex and can go the whole day engaging in the activity.

“I can go the whole day…of course, I can do, like two hours and one hour. Then we break then we continue. Like, I don’t get tired, I have the energy,” she said.

However, Shugatiti disclosed that no man has been able to make her achieve orgasm.

“You can’t satisfy me; I have never cum in my life, I don’t get orgasm. I asked my doctor, and he said it was normal because not all women will get orgasm,” she stressed.

This statement caught the attention of King Nazir, who vowed to make her achieve orgasm and tried to arrange a meeting. A plan that never saw the light of day (or the cameras).

4. Efya

Ghanaian songstress Efya Nokturnal is usually reserved about her personal affairs, but her 2015 interview on the Africa Magic Family TV series “@ Home with Michelle”, saw her reveal that she loves sex and that sex is the core of her identity.

The artiste stated that she intends to stay true to herself and that includes her love for sex.

“My sexuality is who I am and I love sex and for me, that is it,” she said.

5. Medikal and Fella Makafui

Celebrity couple Medikal and Fella Makfui stated that sex is one of their pillars for a healthy relationship.

In a 2021 interview with Sammyflex on Zylofon TV, the duo revealed that they are both sex addicts and would constantly make love. Hence, an unbreakable bond has been created between them.

“We have sex a lot, we have a lot of conversations, we make noise together, we do business together and buy a lot of things. We are both sex addicts; I love it and she loves it too,” the rapper stated.

6. Edem

Rapper Edem also got into trends after he disclosed a lifestyle choice that sent tongues wagging.

In an October 2023 interview with JoyPrime TV, Edem disclosed that he prefers having sex twice a day rather than smoking or consuming alcohol.

“I prefer sex to smoking and any other thing because It’s healthier. That will also be relative because If I’m flying around the world and I’m busy, I don’t. But if I’m in a space for a week and not doing anything, once or twice [having sex] a day is fine.

7. Nana Tornado

Controversial actor, Emil Wood, also known as Nana Tornado trended after he claimed he couldn’t go more than an hour without having sex. The actor disclosed this in a 2018 interview with Zionfelix.

“Me, if I don’t chop tonga for one hour I feel restless. Eeeii, I am a man who has feelings okay.”

8. Zionfelix

Blogger Felix Mensah is usually the one wriggling personal secrets from celebrities. However, in December 2020, Zionfelix agreed to switch roles and be interviewed by Okyeame Quophi in a tell-all interview on Angel FM.

Zionfelix announced that he loves to have sex in his free time. Sometimes going up to twice daily, even when he is angry.

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