Ruthy ends silence: As Twene Jonas is alive however on the run as US migration is hunting him over papers

Ghana’s youths president in the person of Twene Jonas is a Ghanaian YouTuber with a huge web-based entertainment following; he is very well known with his companions.

Both in the US and Ghana, where he guarantees his ethnicity, he is very renowned. In any case, the regularly gotten clarification on some pressing issues (FAQs) lately have been, “Is Twene Jonas still alive?

This is on the grounds that half a month prior, it was reputed that Twene Jonas was killed in New York by an obscure attacker.

Yet, fortunately Ruhy, an entertainment journalist, has made it unequivocal that the Ghanaian web-based entertainment sensation is alive, yet at the same on the run.

Considering that the disputable figure has not been seen online since the insight about his demise broke, making a determination is at present very troublesome.

Accordingly checks made by Ruthy, the US movement is causing some major problems for Twene Jonas as an alienated companion of Twene Jonas in his days at Say Da Wear camp revealed Jonas to US specialists over unlawful papers.

This has made Twene Jonas to look for a hideaway in certain US distant regions to try not to be busted by US movement soon or later on.

check the video below: Kwesi Arthur/2023

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