Stephanie Benson praised her husband after losing her breast to cancer

UK-based Ghanaian songstress and actress praises her husband after losing her breast due the affection of breast cancer. Stephanie Benson disclosed that her husband has not shown any sign of being discouraged about her situation. She says even though all my breasts have been removed and replaced with tissue, she is still enjoying the love her husband used to give her since they became couples.

According to the actress, her husband never talks show any bad attitude towards her disability.

She indicates that ”everything that was constructed was from her own body and the breast she’s currently having is just for show”. Stephanie Benson revealed this while she was at Multimedia’s radio station, (Asempa FM). They were discussing breast cancer which was monitored by

She later  advised men not to leave their wife if they lose their breast or any other part of the body. and she always wants to showcase to people that the breast she is having is actually artificial.

”So you can choose to leave it or not. The body that she is showing is what she has worked for”.

These lovely couples have been together for more than three decades.

The actress cum songstress, Stephanie Benson is married to John Benson.



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