Strongman narrates how Amerado warmed himself back into his heart

Although, products of the same record label, Mic Burners, the two did not see eye to eye due to their differences (characteristic of rappers).

However, this sour relationship would not last as there was bound to be a change.

On January 6, 2023, Amerado dropped a new single titled A Red Letter to Strongman which changed everything despite previous ‘shots’ taken at Strongman.

In this new single, Amerado extolled Strongman and applauded him for soaring higher even as an independent. He also addressed their silent ‘beef’ saying, “I know in this game, brothers are rivals but the rivalry is not enmity, I adore you.”

This is exactly when things changed for the two.

In this exclusive interview with Strongman, the rapper who joined forces with Amerado for a joint EP, Young & Strong and followed it up with a concert in Kumasi revealed how Amerado warmed himself back into his heart and how the joint EP came about.

He also spoke about his relationship with Amerado now.


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