‘Such people don’t last long’ – Pete Edochie speaks on grandson’s death

Seasoned Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has expressed sorrow over the passing of his grandson, Kambilichukwu Edochie.

Kambilichukwu lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital for treatment, but all attempts by the doctors to revive him proved unsuccessful.

According to reports, the boy had a seizure while playing football with classmates at school and was taken urgently to the Mother and Child Hospital but unfortunately, he didn’t make it.

According to Pete, who spoke with Vanguard, his son Yul called him on Wednesday, March 29, to let him know that Kambilichukwu had a seizure after falling down while playing football with his classmates.

Pete Edochie noted that as soon as Yul notified his family about the tragic event, they immediately began praying for the boy.

The veteran actor stated that it was tragic that his grandson passed away at a time when he had shown so much promise, calling him a bright and gifted young man.

Pete continued, saying he had previously voiced concern about his grandson’s exceptional qualities and noted that such people do not always persist.

He said: “Kambilinachukwu is a very quiet, brilliant, and talented child. He’s not somebody you can ride easily. He doesn’t get angry no matter the situation.

“He may change his composure, but he was definitely a very unusual person in so many respects. He was so accomplished.

“I always tell my son that I don’t like people excelling like this in anything they are involved in. Experience has taught me that such people don’t last long.”

Source: mynigeria.com

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