The two business moguls with private jets in Ghana

Owning a private jet in Ghana isn’t just for convenience, but also a display of wealth and affluence particularly for most wealthy and powerful people.

While Ghana’s private jet ownership terrain could be described as fairly small, neighboring Nigeria has a rather vast private jet market and ownership.

From billionaires like Aliko Dangote, Abdul Samad Rabiu and among others, these wealthy Nigerian’s can boast of their own private jets.

Checks by GhanaWeb Business however show that in Ghana, two notable names are associated with owning a private jet. They are Dr. Daniel McKorley, Executive Chairman of the McDan Group and Ibrahim Mahama, CEO of Engineers & Planners.

Ibrahim Mahama owns a Bombardier 604 luxury private jet, which is customized with the named ‘Dzata’. The interior of the jet exudes elegance and its cream-colored seats provide ultimate comfort for users.

Daniel McKorley on his part owns a private jet for commercial purposes which currently operates and manages the executive lounge for private jets at the Terminal 1 section of the Kotoka International Airport.

With a persistent surge in fuel prices globally, the cost of aviation fuel, coupled with maintenance costs of a single private jet could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to, the average maintenance cost of a private jet is around about $500,000 to $1 million. This is however coupled with parking fees, avionics upgrades, interior refurbishments, pilot fees and among others.

In the end, owning a private jet is not for the faint heart as it would primarily take huge chunk of funds to operate and maintain.

It is in view of this that most business moguls would prefer to either fly commercial planes or charter private jets instead of owning them.

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