This is why Shatta Wale insults people in Ghana music industry

She stated that Shatta Wale attacked other people with insults to keep himself relevant in the music industry after his career seemed to have dipped while his colleague artistes were flourishing.

The entertainment analyst appealed to individuals and bloggers who have fallen victim to Shatta Wale’s insults to forgive him because he acted ‘foolishly’ to retain his popularity in the music industry.

Speaking as a panelist on the Power Entertainment show which was monitored by GhanaWeb, Sally Mann said: “I am appealing to the Nigerian bloggers and all the people Shatta Wale has insulted because he was foolish but now he is wise. With all the insults he was crying for help because his fame was declining.

“He would have committed suicide long ago because of that. For a musician of his caliber to be at the top and looking at what Stonebwoy has been doing and all that, he hasn’t even stepped foot in the BET auditorium before. It means that he has been lagging behind because all the popularity he has didn’t take him anywhere and it can hurt.”

Sally Mann also added that it surprises her that Shatta Wale has not won a Grammy award looking at the level he reached in his musical career.

“In 2013, if I had not gone to the Guinness Eruption show I wouldn’t have known how powerful he [Shatta Wale] was. When I went there and saw the support he had, I was surprised he hadn’t won a Grammy award. So as the manager said, it’s only a fool who doesn’t change his mind,” she said.

Shatta Wale has been at the center of controversies in the country known for insulting and attacking colleague musicians and personalities in the entertainment industry at the slightest provocation.

The act has been criticized by most members of the public but it remains to be seen whether Shatta Wale desists from such an uncouth act or not.

Watch the interview below

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