‘Two minutes man fathers 3 kids’- Netizens react to Rosy, Churchill welcoming second child

To put things in perspective, Rosy Meurer was rumored to have worked for Olakunle Churchill, who was formerly married to Tonto Dike. It was rumored that Rosy Meurer was the cause of Olakunle and Tonto’s marriage breakdown.

Although Olakunle and Rosy Meurer both denied this, Tonto suggested that Olakunle had tried to cheat on her with Rosy.

But a few years later, they tied the knot, which stoked rumors about their prior romance from while Olakunle was still Tonto Dike’s husband.

After being married, they had their first child and they now made the announcement that their second child is on the way.

Many different thoughts and responses have been generated by this. While some criticize Rosy Meurer’s relationship with Olakunle, others assert that love is complex and that life isn’t always easy.

See reactions here

jessy_jimm: “There’s about to be a series of posts about being the female king and the female best father.
… from you know who.. Yes”

dobi9024: “I wonder if she will name this one King Andre. As far as I am concerned, this ashawo Rosy will never know peace for posing as a man’s sister to go into his house and commit asunder.”

donprettychiamaka: “The fact that he became a better man with another woman doesn’t mean he wasn’t bad for Tonto.”

steph_aniee0: “Because they welcomed a second baby, you all are now dropping motivational quotes here and there… when having kids doesn’t guarantee a happy marriage.”

bissy_bae_bee: “One man’s food, another man’s poison…just pray you find your own person in this life.”

lucy.musongo: “Don’t let your wife stop you from meeting your real wife.”

sheer_indefatigability: “Two seconds, a man is with a happy woman who knows how to adore him, love is in the air. If a woman doesn’t respect you, leave her; another woman will love and respect you, just mount your guide.”

kelaah: “People that come together through immoral means will find every way to make it work, so people won’t laugh at them.”

evesoal: “Who says you can’t divorce and start all over? Two minutes, a man has fathered three kids. Congratulations to them.”

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