VIDEO: Why Black Sherif’s ‘Simmer Down’ is trending

Ghanaian superstar Black Sherif, The BET award winner recently released a video section of his song ‘Simmer Down’.

The song is really doing well in the media space not excluding online streaming platforms. On YouTube, the song received 160K within 29days. After 48hours of the artist, Black Sherif winning the ‘Best International flow’ in BET, the song Simmer Down’  begins to trend on all the online streaming platforms. On YouTube alone, the views jumped from 160K views to 441K views.

Black Sherif is a young artist from the republic of Ghana who came to the scene two years ago with his hit song ‘First Sermon’ which has 4Million views on YouTube. He continued with another song ‘Second sermon’ which also has 16 Million views on YouTube.

After dropping two sermon tracks, many were expecting Third sermon but he actually changed his style with the biggest song ‘Kwaku The Traveler’ that has earned him with ‘Artiste of the Year’ in Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and The ‘Best International Flow’ at BET in the United State of America.

Looking forward to winning a Grammy completes the achievement..





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