Viral TikTok couple Empress Lupita and GodPapa declared mentally ill and not fit for trial

The court’s decision hinged on a report by the Accra Psychiatric hospital official, comes after a series of bizarre courtroom behavior exhibited by the couple during their legal proceedings.

According to Angel FM’s court correspondent, Ama Brako, the couple have been engaging in dramatic actions, such as talking and laughing amongst themselves while court proceedings were ongoing.

“They were charged with murder,” Ama Brako reported. “So, when they appeared in court, the judge at the Tema District Court said that they should be taken to a psychiatric hospital for examination because sometimes in the courtroom, they will be creating drama.

“For instance, they can chat, laugh, and do all sorts of things in the courtroom, so the judge ordered that they should be examined,” she added.

She explained that the examination was conducted by a senior doctor at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital and the doctor’s assessment revealed a history of mental instability dating back approximately 11 years.

“A senior medic at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital was the one who came to the court to explain things, she said that the two of them had been mentally unstable for about 11 years and she believed that they had been hearing voices, so if they were there, they can talk to themselves and laugh,” she explained.

“The doctor recommended that Empress Lupita and ‘Godpapa the Greatest’ were not fit to stand trial and should be separated and provided with medication. The doctor further suggested that if the Accra Psychiatric Hospital were to admit them again, it would be contingent on them receiving 24-hour police protection,” the reporter added.


The couple are believed to have murdered and subsequently buried their deceased children.

Their youngest child, however, managed to escape from home and shared some of his harrowing experiences under his parents’ care before fleeing.

Prior to their arrest, the couple had gained significant attention on the social media platform TikTok, where they went by the names Godpapa The Greatest and Empress Lupita.

In one of their media interviews, they admitted to sacrificing one of their children, claiming that they believed the child was possessed by an evil spirit and that his future would involve engaging in criminal activities detrimental to the nation.

The couple had been sharing their home experiences on social media, providing glimpses into their lives, until their arrest by the police.

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