WATCH: What A Plus told IGP Dampare during police interaction session with creative arts industry

According to him, movement in the country during the Christmas period is quite difficult hence the police should collaborate with event organizers to come up with measures to ease the traffic during those moments.

The controversial entertainment pundit also asserted that the Ghana Police Service should strategize how to combat crime during Christmas festivities because some notorious individuals attend entertainment events with the motive of embarking on robbery.

Speaking at the Ghana Police Service interaction session with the creative arts industry event, Kwame A Plus entreated the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. George Akuffo Dampare to put mechanisms in place to ease traffic during the Christmas period.

“I will ask the police to look at is traffic during events. When we were kids, we loved Christmas because there was less traffic, and was easy to get around town. And because of the numbers that are coming into the country now, traffic during Christmas is worse than ordinary days.

“So I think that it is important that the police know what events are happening at what time so that they help us. I think it always has something to do with parking, where people are parking anyhow and so it becomes difficult to get to events and get out of there. So if the police will work with the event organizers like Charter House to know what event is happening, it will help us to ease traffic,” he noted.

Kwame A Plus also emphasized the need for the police to be extra vigilant and improve their security measures to fight crime during the Christmas festivities.

He indicated that the rate of crime gets high during the Christmas period, especially in instances where people’s phones and other valuables are stolen.

“We will also ask that we have enough police to ensure that during events there is safety. I think where the stealing happens is when people are leaving the event to get an Uber, especially when there is traffic and you have to work.

“There are people whose enterprise is to come to events to steal because they know that there are going to be secluded areas where they can just take advantage of it. But for me, I just want to say that December in Ghana is one of the best initiatives that this government has,” he added.

Kwame A Plus made the remark when the Ghana Police Service led by IGP Dr. George Akuffo Dampare met stakeholders from the creative arts industry to discuss the upcoming December in Ghana activities.

Personalities who attended the event include, Abeiku Santana, Daddy Lumba, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, and others.

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