Why Nigerians are angry over Ghana-South Africa visa waiver

Ghana and South Africa has enter into an Agreement to have a visa waiver for the ordinary passport holders. In the agreement, the citizens of both countries can travel and stay in the territory for 90days without a visa.

After the news break by the Ghana ministry of foreign Affairs, Citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigerian are angry with their government. According to their reaction towards this deal that Ghana government has been able to secure for their citizen, They have seen that Tinubu and the past leaders are not working hard to get benefits for their citizens.

In X (formerly twitter) post some of the ordinary Nigerian passport holders mock and blame their government.

”Ghana and South Africa now have a visa waiver agreement. Citizens of one country can travel to the other without a visa application.

How many countries outside West Africa does Nigeria have this arrangement with?”

”South Africa snubs Nigeria as they liaise with Ghana on visa-free travels for ordinary passport holders

The Ghanaian and South African governments have announced a visa waiver for holders of ordinary passports in the two countries.”

”I support South Africa on this. If they give Nigeria free visa, millions of Nigerians would pour into their country and become nuisance doing drugs and other illegal businesses. We love other peoples countries too much while cursing our own country.”

Most Nigerians don’t know or have an mind how gone their beloved ex”Giant of Africa” is,Like no country takes Nigeria serious. The world even sees the citizens as criminals or drug dealers

Do you know what it means for South Africa to grant Ghana visa free & kicking out Nigeria?



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration, last week, announced a visa waiver for persons with ordinary passports in Ghana and South Africa.

In a statement, the ministry noted that the agreement is set to bring about significant changes for travellers between these two nations.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration wishes to inform the general public that the Republic of Ghana and the Republic of South Africa have entered into an Agreement on a visa waiver regime for holders of ordinary passports,” part of the statement read.

The Visa Waiver Agreement is scheduled to take effect from November 1, 2023.

“Travellers may transit through, depart from and stay in the territory of both countries for a cumulative period of up to ninety (90) recourse to work. The travelling public is thereby advised to take note,” the statement concluded.

Check out their post on X below:


Source: Showbizafrica.net

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