‘You must live under the rock’ – Tacha, Christy O others slam Davido for disparaging Phyna

The Afrobeats singer stirred some controversy on social media when he liked a tweet disparaging Phyna.

Davido mistakenly liked a post that called Phyna useless. The artiste is currently trending on the microblogging site X.

According to a tweet, there are some superstars that fans like, and he would question and criticize them.

The Twitter user continued, mentioning Phyna as a star he finds it hard to understand why people follow.

Davido unexpectedly liked the tweet, which sparked debate online with some people supporting him and others criticizing him.

In response, Phyna had asked herself what she had done to offend the musician so that he would like a disparaging tweet about her. She continued to congratulate Davido and Chioma on the birth of their twins, unfazed by the criticism.

In response, Davido expressed his regret to her and acknowledged that he had no idea who she was.

Christy O defended Phyna by saying that it would take someone to live in a rock to not be aware of Phyna.

She let Phyna know in a message that not everyone will like her and that’s alright.

She wrote: “It’s only if you live under the rock that you won’t know who @unusualphyna is. That being said, Phyna everybody cannot like you and that’s okay. Know this and know peace”.

Kess joined her and pointed out how many A-list celebrities in many industries are being passed over by Phyna trends.

He wrote: “This same Phyna wey trend pass many A list celebrities across different industries”.

Tacha also assured Phyna that she and many others know her.

She wrote: “I know you Phyna. We plenty wey know you.”

Check their tweets below


Source: www.mynigeria.com

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