Zimbabwe’s hotel breakfast menu sparks uproar

Holiday Inn in Zimbabwe has come under fire for overpricing their breakfast menu.

The hotel’s pricing strategy has been heavily scrutinized by social media users.

The hotel group is currently facing intense criticism due to the perceived exorbitant pricing of its breakfast menu.

The online community has quickly scrutinised and voiced their concerns regarding this matter.

A screenshot of Holiday Inn’s menu has surfaced on social media, and it has left many astonished at the seemingly high charges imposed.

Of all the offerings, the breakfast menu has caught the attention of many social media users, leaving them utterly shocked at the listed prices.

Their breakfast options range from a minimum of $35 (about R650) to as high as $45, with the most affordable choice being the continental breakfast and the healthy breakfast option priced at $35.

The pricing strategies employed by Holiday Inn have ignited a flurry of discussions on social media, with countless netizens expressing their concerns about what kind of breakfast dishes could possibly warrant such steep costs, some exceeding the $40 mark.

This controversy has prompted a widespread conversation on the platform, with individuals questioning the reasoning behind these premium price tags for morning meals.

“Breakfast at Zimbabwe’s Holiday Inn Hotel is US$45 or R855, that is super crazy expensive,” commented an X user.

“What the? Does the breakfast massage you and come with free transport?,” joked another.

“Asi there is a complimentary goat that comes with all meals,” asked someone else.

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