Amerado answers Medikal’s warning with his popular red letter

The hamburger between artists is undoubtedly not another oddity in the Ghanaian music scene. Over time, fans have witnessed a few severe competitions involving artists like Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy, as well as Sarkodie and Manifest respectively. Recent events have seen Amerado and Medikal in the headlines for their ongoing feud, which has taken a different turn due to Amerado’s response to Medikal’s advance notices.

Amerado rapped in the song about Medikal’s contribution to work over the past few years and said he should keep going in that direction. He also mentioned Medikal’s recent arguments, which included his criticism of several rappers. Amerado’s verses were sharp and straightforward, and his analysis didn’t hold back.

In light of Medikal, many fans were even left wondering what the “red letter” would contain. It eventually came to light that the letter was a reference to a song that Amerado was hoping to release.

It’s unclear how the conflict between Amerado and Medikal will play out, but one thing is certain: Amerado isn’t backing down. He has proven that he is capable of supporting himself and elevating himself to the status of greatest rapper in Ghana.

Watch Amerado – a RED letter to MEDIKAL Below


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