Delay lined up Her Best Five Superstar Fathers Who Assume Their responsibility Well

Delay, a diligent television host from Ghana, selected her father’s bed.

Renowned television program host Delores Frimpong-Manso has named her top 5 superhero fathers in Ghana for the amazing work they do as family men.

In the most recent episode of the delay Show on TV3, Delay honored these fathers from a variety of professions for their accountability and mindfulness.

The television anchor promised that some well-known fathers neglected to participate in their children’s everyday lives and instead chose to appear with them online in order to gain approval from others.

Performers Kwaw Kese, Sarkodie, Reggie Rockstone, Okyeame Kwame, and football great Abedi Pele were among those featured in the rundown.

Kese Kwaw

Kwaw Kese is the fifth. He is a family man underneath all of his ‘franticness’. Along with his significant other, he drives his children to school. He’s proven to be a completely trustworthy father who makes being a parent exciting.


Sarkodie comes in fourth. Despite his fame, he still has passion for his family. He goes with his kids, especially his small girl, and shows them a lot of consideration despite his busy schedule. We’re happy for him “Delay said.

Rockstone Reggie

“Reggie Rockstone has no qualms. It is impossible to discern the historical context of hiplife from his criticism. He plans and sells waakye with his significant other and drives them to school, regardless of his level of distinction; he is undoubtedly quite lively.

Kwame Okyeame

Okyeame Kwame comes in second. I genuinely know Okyeame Kwame. When the schools closed, he would pick up his children from there. He worries about what they are wearing and assists them with tasks. He’s a very involved father.

Abedi Ayew Pele

At the top of the list is Abedi Pele. He’s my primary father and, in my opinion, the best dad in Ghana. He is very committed. Even at his age, he remains a dependable presence for his children.

When his children are searching overseas for deals, he appears. The Dark Stars are currently on their shoulders when he dealt with his children “closed delay in the video.

Following the video’s online release, Defer’s well-known list of remarkable fathers generated a range of responses from followers and online customers through virtual enjoyment.

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