Uche Edochie explains why his siblings hated their father

The seasoned actor Pete Edochie’s son, Uche Edochie, has revealed that when he and his siblings were younger, they detested their father for having a rigid way of living.

Remember how the seasoned actor’s 76th birthday was observed with fanfare and by peers in the business?

Uche discussed their early years spent learning from the well-known actor, saying, “Isn’t it funny how we felt the exact opposite way while we were growing up? Because our fathers forbade us from jeopardizing our lives and jobs in the sake of having fun, we detested them back then.

“As we got older, we realized that we were the ones who needed to be kicked in the ass because we had grown up believing that they were the issue. Dad, I appreciate you kicking my ass when you had to. I’m happy I had a strong father like you to nurture me during my formative years in the 1970s and 1980s.

My dad turns 76 today, so I’m wishing him a very happy birthday. I’m grateful for everything, dad. A man can never ask for a better father than you.  I cherish you.




Source: mynigeria.com

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