Kojo Antwi-I don’t do music to win an awards

The renowned Kojo Antwi has revealed that he doesn’t pursue music with the intention of winning a prize or recognition.

Kojo Antwi is perhaps one of the most seasoned musicians working today; he has a lasting impact on his kids and has been relevant for a very long time. The singer has disclosed that, despite the remarkable kids he raises, he doesn’t sing for money or recognition.

According to the heard Highlife myth, some people can take offense at his claim after he gained recognition through an award scheme. As he himself has stated, it is his innate desire to favor the globe.

“I hope people don’t think poorly of me. I don’t attend as many of the several grants that we arrange. I don’t perform for praise or recognition. God has given me this talent, and I will share it with the world if he blesses me with a song. In an interview with Abieku Santana on OK FM, Kojo Antwi said, “That is exactly what I look for.”



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