Video:Ayisha Modi cries hardly hysterically, curses Precious stone Appiah for hoodwinking her

Ayisha Modi has again censured Precious stone Appiah for cheating her of huge amounts of cash under the misrepresentation of getting a real estate parcel.

Ayisha Modi approached some time back to say that precious Appiah had taken more than $40,000 from her with the commitment of giving her territory, however she hadn’t really seen the land until the day she was uncovering it.

Following Ayisha Modi’s underlying grievance, the case was brought under the steady gaze of an adjudicator, but apparently the offended party isn’t satisfied with how things are creating.

Ayisha Modi is seen crying and arguing in a new video that is becoming viral.

According to her, she has been buckling down for her cash in the US however somebody she viewed as a companion by the name of Precious stone Appiah cheated her. Kwesi Arthur/2023

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